The recent editorial by Grindem et al. expresses that rehabilitation of patients post-ACL reconstruction is often inappropriate, insufficient, and not evidence-based, while ACL reconstruction surgeries are often overutilized. One study showed that only 5% of patients received rehabilitation that followed evidence-based guidelines post-ACL surgery.

Four suggestions are offered:

  1. "The importance of regaining function after ACLR must be recognised by all stakeholders: policymakers (third-party payers), orthopaedic surgeons, rehabilitation clinicians, coaches and athletes (and their parents/guardians when under age)."
  2. "Orthopaedic surgeons and rehabilitation clinicians must join forces to promote evidence-based practice, including the use of objective measures for progression and RTS."
  3. "Evidence-based patient education should occur before all surgical or rehabilitation decision-making, and continue as rehabilitation progresses. This will ensure that the athlete can make an informed commitment to a treatment plan."
  4. "Orthopaedic surgeons and rehabilitation clinicians must acknowledge their roles in building and maintaining athlete motivation for rehabilitation."

Read the BJSM editorial here. Read BJSM's free and up-to-date guide to evidence-based ACLR rehabilitation here.

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